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AgentJetLogoAgentJet is the most powerful real estate lead platform on the planet.

Our agents experience the Agentjet difference everyday. Unlike other systems, the Agentjet real estate lead generation platform was birthed by veteran agents actively working in the trenches. Through years of real-world development and innovation, the Agentjet platform has evolved into a system with effective proprietary functionality that can’t be found elsewhere.

Funding: MAF led Seed round of $1 million in July 2015.




AvegantAvegant’s new platform will allow you to interact with your media and data in new ways, and allow for new forms of storytelling.  This platform revolves around Avegant’s revolutionary virtual retinal display technology that interacts with your eyes in the way that they naturally function. By reflecting light into your eyes you’ll see your media and data the way they’re supposed to be experienced: lifelike and vividly. Built and patented on cutting edge micromirror technology, this platform is a revolution in the way in which you’ll consume media.

Funding: MAF led the Seed round in 2013.  The $25 million B round was extended with an additional $16 million in March, 2017.





ArborlightLogoArborlight is an integrator of LED components, optics, and embedded systems to achieve complex illumination solutions in a wide variety of applications ranging from architectural and medical lighting to automotive displays and scientific apparatus. Arborlight brings the entrepreneurial edge when collaborating with clients to engineer innovative solutions.

Funding: MAF led the Seed round in April 2015.






BiophotonicBioPhotonic Solutions Inc. (BSI), a Michigan State University spin-out venture founded in 2003 by University Distinguished Professor Dr. Marcos Dantus, is in the early phases of revolutionizing the ultrafast laser industry with its MIIPS® technology.  The BSI intellectual property allows ultrashort (femtosecond) laser users to not only measure pulses but shape and compress them as well, a dramatic step forward given that shorter pulses improve the utility of ultrafast lasers materially. While the ability to shape, compress and measure ultrafast laser pulses is not new, automatically accomplishing this at the target, which is achievable with MIIPS®, is truly state of the art.  MIIPS® technology has been validated both technically and in themarket, and has been recognized as groundbreaking by various thought leading institutions in the laser industry.  BSI has been the recipient of several awards and honors, including the PhAST/Laser Focus Innovation Award in 2009 (along with honorable mention in 2007 for this award), and.was also a finalist for the 2008 Prism Award for Photonic Innovations.

     Funding: MAF led the Series A round in December, 2012.  Assets sold to IPG Photonics in December, 2016.


BoostUpLogoBoostUp is a first of its kind social savings platform. We help people save for the down payment on their next car or home by offering a dollar-for-dollar match on their savings from brand partners, family, and friends. Consumers create a free BoostUp account, set a savings goal, and then can automate deposits to reach that goal through responsible savings. Brand partners such as Quicken Loans and Hyundai offer customers a dollar-for-dollar matching incentive (“Boost”), which rewards their savings and helps them buy their next car or home faster.

Funding: MAF led A round of $1 million in November 2015. Company raising $200,000 debt round.




ContentOroLogoContentOro delivers the largest volume of unique, professionally written and edited content available today; written by real authors, with real expertise, and covering nearly any subject that is important to your business. Let us help you find, engage, entertain and enlighten your clients with better content. Be found by search engines, create unique one-of-a-kind integrated marketing campaigns by having more complete information than your competition. Empower Social Media Campaigns. Quality content is critical to making any of these things happen and ContentOro can deliver unique content, relevant to your customers and in a way that can improve your business today.

Funding: MAF led a small Seed in June 2015. Company closed a bridge round of $750,000 in November, 2016.




EcoFuelingEco-Fueling is a combustion optimization company, focused on delivering groundbreaking improvements in fuel consumption and emissions for diesel engines. Eco-Fueling products have demonstrated the ability to make improvements to the global consumption of fossil fuel used for transportation. The ECO Injection System (ECOIS) uses E85, a renewable fuel already in distribution. ECOIS injects E85 directly into the intake manifold airflow of any diesel engine. The slower burning ethanol in E85 allows for a more homogeneous burn of the diesel fuel. The process is called Reactive Charge Compression Ignition (RCCI).

Funding: MAF led the Series Seed round in November, 2014. Company closed it’s $1 million extended Seed round in February, 2017.



EpisilonAs a provider of workflow enhancing solutions for cardiology, Epsilon Imaging is transforming cardiac diagnostic workflow with a vendor neutral suite of software applications designed for echocardiography. EchoInsight provides a suite of clinical applications for enhanced visualization and analysis using practical strain imaging. Applications assist clinicians to enhance, standardize, and streamline interpretation and reporting of echo studies, ultimately assisting clinicians to improve patient care and management. Initial applications include cardio oncology, stress echo and RV.

Funding: MAF led the B round in 2014.  Company currently raising a C round.




FoodJunky Logofoodjunky.com a Yelp channel partner is a third party online ordering service for restaurants. It makes the process of ordering from your favorite restaurant easy for individuals, groups, and catering. The company is growing by over 30% month-over-month since May 2016.

Funding: Currently raising a bridge to a Series A in 2017.





GenomenonLogoGENOMENON develops software tools to rapidly and autonomously prioritize data points for decision-making, revolutionizing the way genetic diagnoses and discoveries are made. Our company’s suite of diagnostic and discovery tools enable physicians and researchers to quickly and accurately identify disease-causing variants from genomic-sequencing datasets. GENOMENON software speeds discovery work and diagnosis by allowing rapid, automated, and accurate analysis of next-generation sequencing data.

Funding: MAF led Seed round of $800,000 in August 2015. Company extended round and raised $900,000 more in August, 2016. Company received in Q1, 2017 a $1.5 million NIH  3 year grants for product development.




Groundspeed Analytics helps brokers identify underwriting profit pools, carrier loss ratios, significant claims and more. Groundspeed helps carriers process and analyze competitor claim trends.

Funding: MAF participated in a $2 million Series A round led by ManchesterStory in March, 2017. MAF investment was over $300,000.





JOOL Health has pioneered the next generation of scalable life and health engagement
solutions – JOOL Precision Well-Being™. The JOOL solution combines the newest research on purpose, advanced data science, and proven principles of behavior change to activate personal engagement and greater self-awareness that leads to effective, sustained behavior change. Employers and healthcare organizations benefit from healthier, more engaged employees, patients, and members while gaining unique and valuable insight into population health and well-being.

Funding: MAF participated in the $4.5 million Seed round.




LarkyLarky is a web and mobile service that helps people get all the discounts they deserve at the right time and place. Larky’s customized “perks dashboard” shows customers all of the perks across all their memberships and makes it easy to find and use relevant discounts. Larky’s iPhone app (Android coming soon) sends customers alerts whenever they’re eligible for a nearby discount and uncovers hidden ways to save. And Larky’s forthcoming browser plug-in will tell customers about their  discounts when they’re searching or buying online.

Funding: MAF participated in the A round in February 2015 led by North Coast Technology Investors. MAF participated with its pro rata share of a bridge round of $500,000. The company will raise a B round in 2017.



Court Innovations, allows courts to handle many high-volume infractions completely online, saving citizens and courts time and money. Rather than limiting judicial or law enforcement discretion, Matterhorn enables decision-makers to resolve cases more efficiently and equitably.

Funding: Company closed a $1.8 million A round in April, 2017. MAF was the largest investor. Belle Michigan led this woman led company round which included $500,000 from a crowd funding platform, NetCapital.





LevantoFinancialLevanto is a spend management solution for people who want freedom from mundane personal finance tasks. We will build your budget, monitor your cash flow, and pay your bills for a monthly fee.

Funding: MAF led the Seed round of $1.5 million in 2015.






Shoulder Innovations Shoulder Innovations develops and commercializes innovative shoulder replacement implants that yield superior clinical outcomes for patients, simplified surgical technique for the surgeon and lower total cost for the hospital.

Funding: MAF led a $1.5 million Seed round in February, 2017.






SkySpecsLogo SkySpecs deploys autonomous drones as an aerial workforce to conduct safe, affordable, and automated infrastructure inspections.

Critical infrastructure requires periodic inspections that are dull, dirty, and dangerous. Drones are ideal tools to improve safety and reduce the cost for these inspections. However, drones have yet to significantly impact these inspection markets due to the high-skill required to pilot such collision-prone flights. SkySpecs’ allows inspectors to fly with confidence in close-proximity to these assets.

Funding: MAF participated in the A round of $3 million in November 2015.




stkr.it is the revolutionary new way to connect your digital memories to your scrapbook pages, greeting cards and more.

stkr.it transforms gifts, cards and craft projects into digital delights.  Bring the surprise and joy that comes from incorporating a loved-one’s voice or a treasured family memory into your keepsakes – today, tomorrow, and for a lifetime.

Funding: MAF led a small Seed round in August, 2013.





VNN Varsity News Network increases exposure and recognition for high school athletes, and empowers students interested in media to gain experience in the field. In sports and advanced education, VNN pushes the boundaries in two of the most important areas to the high school experience. In the process, VNN helps schools raise money to support educational athletics.

VNN’s platform enables high school Athletic Directors to manage critical communication, and creates media coverage for athletics in the process. This platform aggregates local high school audiences across one system for all their sports information, creating a single channel through which brands, vendors, and products reach individual scholastic communities, at scale.
Funding: MAF participated in the B round in February 2014 led by Arsenal Ventures and North Coast. Also participated in the extended B round of insiders in 2015. MAF participated in bridge round in August, 2016.  A series C round will be solicited in Q4, 2017.