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ProMedica and Kumanu Partner to Develop and Launch New Social Determinants of Health Solution for Employers

August 28th, 2020

First-of-kind solution fills major gap in employer well-being strategies by
uncovering unmet needs, increasing resource connections, and activating positive changes

TOLEDO, Ohio, July 29, 2020 – ProMedica, a mission-based, not-for-profit integrated health care organization, and Kumanu, a leading purpose-centered well-being technology firm have partnered to launch an innovative well-being solution for employers that addresses critical risk factors often not sufficiently accounted for in most corporate well-being programs: the social determinants of health (SDOH).

Social determinants of health are the social, economic, and environmental factors that impact health risks and outcomes. They include factors such as food insecurity, financial strain, housing, behavioral health, transportation, violence risks, and childcare. While clinical care accounts for only 20 percent of health outcomes, SDOH and behavior taken together influence around 80 percent, according to the Institute for Clinical Systems Improvement.

“The unmet needs around Social Determinants of Health – especially now as we contend with COVID-19 – demand a strong response from health care organizations and employers alike,” noted Randy Oostra, president and chief executive officer of ProMedica. “Our decade-long experience addressing these needs, including pilot work with employers, demonstrates that focusing efforts in this area pays real dividends for employers, plus, it’s the right thing to do for people. And now – working with our colleagues at Kumanu – we can do so at scale. Kumanu’s work in life purpose is a major new addition to our SDOH work, and it adds one more very important piece as we try to improve individuals’ personal, social and economic factors.”

The ProMedica Social Determinants of Health Institute has been a national leader in effectively addressing SDOH in clinical settings and communities for more than a decade. Kumanu is known for its technology that fuses the latest neuroscience research with behavior design and machine learning to amplify and activate purpose, increase resilience, change mindsets, and achieve enduring behavior change. Drawing on both organizations’ exceptional strengths, the new employee-focused well-being solution enables employers to take a purposeful and targeted approach to addressing the social determinants of health to reduce risks and improve health for their employees and organizations.

Powered by Kumanu’s PurposeCloud™ platform, this new employer-customizable solution incorporates:

  • Advanced analytics and predictive modeling to project population needs and risks
  • An easy-to-deploy confidential employee assessment tool
  • An app that uses purpose to amplify motivation while connecting people to health and human service resources
  • Consultative resources from The ProMedica Social Determinants of Health Institute and Kumanu’s purpose experts to integrate with existing employer well-being programs and incorporate best practices
  • Reporting and analytic dashboards that provide an aggregated view of risk, needs, engagement trends, and projected outcomes

“We’re delighted to partner with ProMedica in producing a robust solution that helps unlock the power of purpose, uncover latent needs, and build durable connections that make a profound difference in the lives of people, and the organizations they work for,” added Vic Strecher, PhD, founder and chief executive officer of Kumanu.

The new SDOH Solution for Employers will be available from both ProMedica and Kumanu.